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Location & Neighbours

Casa Aruba exists out of  a complex with 6 accommodations. The accommodations are mainly rented out to foreign trainees or employees. Therefore, the communal garden  offers a good opportunity to get to know each other. By the pool or the garden,  there are several tables where you can enjoy the pleasant climate of Aruba both in the sun and in the shade. A local gardener ensures that the garden is always in good condition. Furthermore, the garden and the entire complex are treated every month against common vermin from Aruba such as cockroaches.

Casa Aruba is on a 5 minute driving distance of the Highrise, the beach, and the Alto vista chapel. The complex is located on a secluded street where 8 other residences are located. This makes the traffic in the street very quiet. The exact location of Casa Aruba is shown on google maps below.

Villa Katalina, is a 8 person house in the quiet neinborhood of yayostraat (neer ponton) 

Google-maps Location
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