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The  Landlords

Anja and Pedro Klooster are the proud dutch owners of Casa Aruba since October 2014. The choice for Aruba was made easy by the pleasant climate and the friendly inhabitants of the island.

When Anja and Pedro Klooster go to Aruba for a longer time, dog Bommel also goes along nicely. Anja and Pedro have been married since 1990 and have 2 daughter and one son. Sometimes the children of Anja and Pedro are also on Aruba for a longer period of time. Daughter Lilian Klooster has lived and worked as a diving instructor for 5 years, and daughter Lisanne Klooster did an internship on Aruba for six months as a Segway Tourguide and had also a internship at blue village hotel  for six months. 


In the past years, Anja and Pedro Klooster have carried out small renovations yearly with the aim of enhancing the enjoyment of living for all residents of Casa Aruba.


During the renovations, local employees and products were used as much as possible to stimulate the local economy of Aruba. The renovations of Casa Aruba can be seen in the following slides.

studio 3.jpg
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