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Bon bini

Welcome to Casa Aruba.
We're going to make it a super fun time for you here.
It's one happy island. But to keep it that way, we have a few house rules If you have any questions or if something is wrong, you can always contact or app me or Anja.


But first the most important😀
the Wifi code is: CasaAruba
Each studio or apartment also has its own router.

House rules for long term rentals

- Pool is for general use from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm. Glassware is not allowed around the    pool and please leave everything tidy again Swimming pool is cleaned on Tuesday  and Friday morning after cleaning it is better for your swimwear that you  do not swim in  it for the first hour after cleaning. By the pool is now glass aloud. And tidy up you're own stuff after leaving

- The communal washing machine can be used from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. Make sure you   leave it clean and tidy, someone else's laundry is ready     and if you want to wash it,    hang It up to dry.
The average use per tenant for the washing macine is twice a week, For more washes you can also bring laundr to one of the many laundromats in Aruba This is at your  own expense.
Use of the washing machine is only intended for tenants at Casa Aruba.

-Once a month, the pest control sprays against cockroaches, among other things, this  only takes a few minutes, you will receive an what's app in advance. The treatment is not dangerous to humans.

-For long-term rental , the price of electricity and water is included in the rental price. (Excluding the airconditioning cost. 0,85 per kw). In the event of an increase in electricity or water, this will be charged and this wil be reported in advance a soon as we no that.

-Very occasionally it happens that there is no electricity, water or wifi on Aruba or a part of Aruba. This is very annoying for everyone. This is force majeure and no claims can be submitted to us for this.

The rent for a month is in advance the use of airco is after a month. This Must be payed on the first of the month

This can be payed in florien at our bank account:
RBC bank: 7700000100079537 at Petrus Klooster  bic swift code is RBTTAWAW adres is Turibana 68 H


Or you can pay in cash in florien if you want to pay in dollars we use the stanaar exaces 0f 1,75 100 dollar is the 175 florien

-When parking across the street, remember that there is room for the owner to get to his  cabin by car

- No parking for the garage doors

-Please keep the fence of the garden closed because sometimes there are goats.

-Waste can be placed on the road in 1 of the three roll containers. These are usually emptied on Friday
  Separating wast is not  possible in Aruba.

-If you have visitors who stay longer than 1 day, please report this.
For extra guests we charge an extra 30 awg per day for the use of extra elctra water  and other amenities. The may not stay longer then two weeks. 

-Long-term rental is at least 3 months, after that there is a cancellation period of 30 days
When you leave the apartment / studio, a check will take place to ensure that it is clean  and tidy and that everything is still  intact and present. After that, the deposit will be  transferred within a week on your bank account.

-On the last day of the month you will receive an app with the rent for the coming month.  Plus any air conditioning use of  the past month.
Then transfer rent before or on the 2th  day of the new month

Late rental transfer will be 10 dollars per day extra

-In case of loss of the House key, 20 dollars will be charged for a new key


- No smoking or drugs in the studio or apartments

- We do the maintenance in the garden ourselves. It is not allowed to prune yourself.

- It is also not allowed to paint in the studio/apartment yourself. Or drill holes.

- The apartments are delivered with a full gas tank. If this is empty you can fill it at arugas   at the canary forest. You can also exchange them with us, 50 awg will be charged for it

- After leaving the room has to be tiddy there wil be a service charge (Look at prices) for making the room ready for the new gast

 The facility page of this website also contains a number of tips for, for example, car  rental, contacts and where to go out or eat

Have a great time on one happy island🏝.         Anja and Pedro 


Bij phone 00297 5601497
Whats app 0031 620848680


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